Meditrina d.o.o. as a company arose from rich organizational history more than 20 years ago. Initially activities were started as specialized business department in company Techno Impex d.o.o. in 1992, which was in 1995 reorganized to stock company Techno Impex international d.d. and changed the same year to Impakta d.o.o..

During regular business operations our medikal department was growing, specializing in business and expanding the product portfolio. Already at that time we were recognized and respected player on Slovenian market for medical products. The new corporate image and name Meditrina d.o.o. was formed in 2016 by reconstructed and renaming of Impakta Medikal d.o.o.

In 2007 significat organizational change happened – Impakta was restructed to holding company with owning and managing many independent Ltd. companies, specialize for different segments. One of those was also Impakta Medikal d.o.o.

From that time Impakta Medikal d.o.o. was constatly growing in terms of product portfolio, partnerships, specializing know how and revenue. This finaliy result end of 2014 in decision to consensualy step out from Impakta Holding with management buy out and define independent road for the future. Our business  mainly covered imports of medical goods, while later we became increasingly independent by obtaining different agencies, including in the field of autotransfusion and implantable defibrillators. We also addressed the quality of our offer and marketing of medical products. In 1997, we acquired the agency for a dialysis programme and a catheter programme from the company Medcomp and the opportunity for marketing products from the company Ela Medical. In 1999, we acquired a further opportunity for marketing the company Dideco. We upgraded and supplemented the programme with complementary products from other manufacturers, with the aim of becoming an integrated supplier for a specific area of materials used in hospital departments and health care institutions. Therefore, we also obtained the agency for Schuur operating shoes, while starting marketing programmes for suction and neurosurgery.To complement our programme of implantable defibrillators, we also expanded into the area of external defibrillators, for which we also acquired agency from the company Cardiac Science in 2005.

With very stable, small and competent team, mainly present in Impakta Medikal d.o.o. during its life time, we dedicate our full commitment to our customers, partners and patients for better and more valuabe future together.