Who we are

Meditrina, d.o.o. is a company specialised in the marketing and supply of medical consumables and equipment used in hospitals and other health care institutions. Our main business is representation and distribution in the field of cardiology, cardiosurgery, anaesthesia, neurology, gastroenterology and nephrology, while we are also actively involved in the field of equipping automated external defibrillators (public access defibrillation).

We can proudly offer a very wide range of products, from simple products to highly technically sophisticated products, which combine into a complete mosaic of medical consumable products at the end user.

The company represents the best manufacturers who offer superior products in the field of medical consumable material. These include LivaNova (Sorin, Cyberonics), who with a full range of cardio and cardiosurgery materials is the leading European manufacturer in this field. We are also agents for companies such as Medcomp, Cardiac Science, Andratech, Redax, Sebbin, Neuro-Competence, Medtronic, Verathon, Schurr, Impulse Dynamic. Fast delivery times based on creating quantitative inventories and consequently immediate responses, the integrity of offers, and especially extraordinary flexibility through which we constantly adapt to changes and the client’s wishes are our main competitive advantages that have allowed us to successfully penetrate and consolidate our position in the business world.